How to become a member?

Membership provides an opportunity to network with professionals engaged in a wide range of financial planning as well as a prestigious professional qualification. Members of The Soiciety fall into five categories: Student Member, Associate Member, Full Member, Fellow Member and Honorary Member. The Society provides education and training to help you attain all these levels. The courses are taught by experienced professionals and academics. For those with little or no knowledge of financial planning, it is necessary to complete the education program. Experienced professionals may qualify for membership by completing the Fast Track Programme through our Exemption policy.

Code of Professional Ethics

All members have to observe the Code of Professional Ethics because he / she has owe duties to the public, to his / her employers, to the profession itself and to the other members of The Society, please click here for detail guidance.


The Society maintains a high quality of membership by conducting examinations to potential members. Please click here for detail examination information.


Student Member
All applications having completed secondary education or equivalent may apply to be admitted by The Society as a student before further qualifying as an Assoicate or a Member.
Associate Member
Student member passed any two papers of the qualifying examination with minimium one year relevant financial services experience will be awarded associate membership. Associate members will be allowed to use the designation AHKRFP. Associates are non-voting members of The Society.
Full Member
Student members or Associate members having passed all five papers of the qualifying examination with minimium two years relevant financial services experience will be awarded full membership. Full members will be allowed to use the designation HKRFP.
Fellow Member
The Society will award the designation of FHKRFP to full members who :
1. has admitted as full member NOT LESS THAN three (3) years, AND;
2. possesses a minimum of five years relevant financial services experience, AND;
3. has made significant recognized contribution to the profession or The Society, AND
4. Full members apply for fellow membership should accompany a statement to describe his / her contribution to the profession or The Society.
Honorary Member
The Society may from time to time award honorary membership to those who have made outstanding contribution to the profession or the development of The Society.


Membership Fees

 Hong Kong (HKD)China (RMB)
Student membershipHKD$500 per yearRMB$500 per year
Associate membershipHKD$700 per yearRMB$500 per year
Full membershipHKD$1,000 per yearRMB$600 per year
Fellow membershipHKD$1,200 per yearRMB$1,000 per year
Life membership-RMB$5,200 life subscription

Other fees

 Hong Kong (HKD)China (RMB)
Administration feeHKD$700RMB$500
Exemption feeHKD$700 per moduleRMB$500 per module
Examination feeHKD$800 per moduleRMB$500 per module
Study Package for Each SubjectHKD$600 per module-


Membership NOT in Good Standing

Some annual membership subscription dues are suspended unpaid by members. Their membership status are Not-in-good-standing. Membership standings are audited annually by The Society's auditors. Members have the responsibility to inform The Society of their contact address and e-mail address. Should any members not in good standing wish to re-join The Society, they have to fulfill the following conditions:-

1. Payment of administration fees at the prevailing rate for re-joining;
2. Payment of all outstanding annual dues since membership not in good standing;
3. Submission of CPD reports since membership not in good standing.

The Society reserves the right to admit members not in good standing to the satisfaction of prevailling education requirments, this includes the requirements of sitting examinations at prevailling syllabus.

Membership Application - Application Procedures:

1. Application

Application can be done in person or by mail to HKRFP by completing the Application Form together with the appropriate application fee and relevant supporting documents.

2. Application Form

 Hong KongChina
ExaminationApplication Form Download申请表下載
Exemption (Examination)Application Form Download申请表下載 (Not Available)
MembershipApplication Form Download申请表下載
Study Package Purchase FormApplication Form Download-

3. Check list for application

Applications will only be accepted if the following reguirement are met:
- Application Form signed and dated; and
- Application administration fee enclosed;
- Copy of Hong Kong Identity Card, or China Identity Card;
- Your recent photos (one only);
- Relevant certificates for education and transcripts have to be enclosed.
- Working experience certified by your employer.
- TWO referees with professional designation MUST be signed on the Form.

Incomplete applications will not be processed until all requirements have been met.

- Application to Fellow Membership

Please provide a description of significant recognized contribution to the profession, which should be certified by referees with professional designation.

4. Submission

Application fee must be submitted with the form together with a crossed cheque made payable to "Society of Registered Financial Planners".

5. Notification of application results

Results of application will be sent to the applicant within ONE MONTH upon receipt of application.

6. Unsuccessful application

All paid administration fee will NOT be returned to any unsuccessful applicants.



Members’ use of Society Logo

HKRFP logo (“the logo”) will be associated with certain values. The Society needs to carefully protect it and ensure by using it correctly and in proper context during promotion, so that its renown as a mark of professional achievement and integrity in Hong Kong and Global.


In the light of the protection to use of the logo in business, only members with written consent from the Society Council are permitted to use the HKRFP logo on their stationery, promotion materials and their business name cards. Individual members are entitled to use the designation “HKRFP(Hon.)”, “FHKRFP”, “HKRFP”, “AHKRFP” after their names on business cards and stationery, or the initials “HKRFP(Hon.)”, “FHKRFP’, “HKRFP”, “AHKRFP” which is used to describe a member’s professional qualification.


The Society reserves the right of legal actions to any individuals or corporations to use the Society logo and / or designations WITHOUT prior written consent.