Exemption policy

Exemptions will only be granted to professional designations that are obtained by examinations. Qualifications obtained by exemptions or otherwise will not be considered for exemption in HKRFP examinations. The following table marked ‘x’ are exempted subjects for related professional organization or Institutions.
Interested parties may apply exemption for the examinations. Exemption Application is obtained from Application Form page.
Supporting documentation for education, transcripts and work experience qualifications should be enclosed with the application.
There is an exemption fee of HKD$800 per module.
Incomplete applications will not be processed until all requirements have been met.

The Council of HKRFP reserves the right to exercise its discretion on applying the exemption policy to your application.

Parties\Exempted SubjectsFP 3010 Financial PlanningFP 3020 Insurance PlanningFP 3030 Investment PlanningFP 3040 Tax planningFP 3050 Best Practices for Financial Planners
Registered Financial Planners Institute (US)
Hong Kong Institute of Company Secretaries
Associate member of Association of International Accountants
Associate member of Chartered Certified Accountants
Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Certified General Accountants
Associate of Chartered Management Accountants
Chartered Accountants (Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa)
CMA Canada
Certified Management Accountants (Canada)
Certified Public Accountants ( United States, Australia)
Certified Financial Planners
Associate member of Hong Kong Institute of Banker
Associate member of Chartered Institute of Banker
Chartered Financial Consultant
Chartered Financial Analyst
Fellow of the Life Management Institute
Chartered Life Underwriter
Member of Law Society of Hong Kong
Member of Bar Association of Hong Kong
Institute of Crises and Risk Management
Institute of financial Accountants


Exemption Application – Application Procedures:


1. Application

Application can be done in person or by mail to HKRFP by completing the Application Form together with the appropriate exemption fee and relevant documents.


2. Application Form

Application Form can be obtained in person at the HKRFP office or downloaded in the website.


3. Check list for application

Applications will only be accepted if the following reguirement are met:
– Application Form signed and dated; and
– Exemption fee enclosed;
– Relevant certificates and transcripts have to be enclosed.

Incomplete applications will not be processed until all requirements have been met.


4. Submission

Application fee must be submitted with the form together with a crossed cheque made payable to “Society of Registered Financial Planners”.


5. Notification of application results

Results of application will be sent to the applicant within TWO MONTHS upon receipt of application.


6. Unsuccessful application

All paid administration fee and exemption fee will NOT be returned to any unsuccessful applicants.