Seminar cum Launching Ceremony of the Broadcasting Programme of Financial Education Course for Elderly

Date: August 18, 2006
Time: 2:30 pm – 3:545 pm
Venue: Hall, Radio Television Hong Kong

The Broadcasting Programme of Finacnial Education Curse for Elderly was organised by Radio Television Hong Kong No.5 and Tung Wah Groups of Hospitals Healthy Budgeting Family Debt Counselling Centre from August 2006 to March 2007.  Our HKRFP members acted as volunteers to share their professionals on financial planning to the elderly with following topics:
Mr Michael Wong – Stocks
Mr Andrew Wong – Fund, ELNs, Foreign Currency and Certificate of Deposit
Ms Anita Shing – Indexs Future+Options
Mr Calvin Leung – Market Teams
Mr Alex Lung – Margin and Warrant
Ms Elsa Leung – Property (Repair and Buy/Sell)
Dr Sidbey SZE – Elderly Insurance + Medical Services for Elderly

『理財有道富晚年』- 長者財策大使計劃

We sincerely appreciated for continuted support from our voluntary member acted as Financial Planning Ambassadors to promote financial planning awareness among the elderly with training workshops and seminars. Ambassadors list was as follows:

Chan Miu Wan Cindy Chu Keung Wah Li Shu Wah
Chan Suk Kwan Chung Pui Lin Kin Shing Francis
Cheuk Yuk Pang Francis Fok Sin Yi Susanna So Chi King
Chiu Yu Bun Ho Kam Lin Tse John
Chong Steve Ho Tak Sang Tsui Ka Man
Chow Kwok Yan Clement Lau Wai Ho Wong Kam Bing
Chow Sin Chuen Kenny Lee Kai Hung Kennedy
Chuen Sai Yan Leung Wai Yuen